Security and Safety

Payment and Credit Card Security

You can use Credit Card, Paypal or bank wire transfer for your reservation payment process. We are using Akbank secure payment system for Credit Card payment. During the payment process you will be redirected to Akbank 3D secure payment page where you will type your card details and complete the payment process. We do not have access to your card information as payment is processed by bank system. Also bank does not share your card details with us to protect your security. If you choose Paypal system for your payments you will be redirected to Paypal payment page where you can pay with your existing Paypal account or credit card over Paypal system. In both ways Paypal does not share your account or card data with us.

Why payments has to be done to

To secure your payment and protect owner we collect the payments to our accounts. Your payment will be hold in our accounts until you check in to the property. 24 hours after your check in we will transfer your payment to listing owner. If there is a problem with the property, if you can not find the property or reach to owner we will investigate the situation and contact the owner to solve the problem. If the problem can not be solved we will offer you a similar listing in same area or return your payment. This way we will protect your booking and payment. process all payments trough the web site and official bank accounts. We never ask for payment from a different payment style or source via email. If you receive an email asking for a payment for a booking please contact us immediately as it might be a scam email.

Proved Identity

There are many online vacation rental web sites on the internet. These sites mostly find the property owners and customers from online sources. That may not be a safe business so we ask each user to prove their registration by asking an email verification and SMS mobile phone verification. After completing these verification steps our agents are calling the new user and activating their accounts and listings. We also visit the property owners in scheduled times of the year to see their properties and prove the listing and owner.