Cookie Policy

Cookies are small and harmless files that are stored on your computer when you visit web sites. Cookies are not programs and will not harm your computer. They are used to collect information about your visits on the web sites and to remember you for automatic login processes in further visits.

Cookies are needed by the web sites to serve better to their visitors and also they are used to improve the web sites by developers. Most common way of using cookies are to collect information about your past visits to web sites and log you in automatically. Also your last visit info such as the last visited pages, bookings, favorite options and request can be seen with cookies and used by sites to give you a better tour on the web sites.

Our cookie usage is getting help from cookies to remember you and your last visited listings on our system. On your next visit you may see that you will be directed to similar listings as you have searched in your past visits. has no advertisements on the site and these informations collected via cookies are not shared with 3rd party and/or web sites and companies.


We are using a Google service called Google Analystics to collect visitor informations. These informations are; durations on the web site, visitor countries and languages, age range and sex, visited pages, interest on the site and some technical information about internet connection and browser types and brands plus device types. We gather these information to improve our web site and make it more user friendly.

Cancellation of Cookies

You can disable cookies from your browser settings when ever you wish. Disabling the cookies will not slow down or change your visit on our web site. You will access to same listings and system but you won't get logged in automatically and some functions may not work but still the whole system will be working normal even the cookies are disabled. Please check your browsers help section to find out how to disable cookies.